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By August 4, 2015Random/Rants

And the award for the dumbest invention in years goes to Reef Fanning Sandals, with its built-in bottle openers on the bottom.

On the surface, Reef’s “TQT — Thirst Quenching Technology” may seem like a rad idea. No more searching for an elusive bottle opener, simply flip over your flip-flop and there, embedded in the rubber sole, is a metal utility for this purpose. Voila!


Just take a moment and think back to every urinal you’ve ever stood in front of, particularly in public restrooms at beaches and campgrounds. Yep, those spots where you awkwardly attempt to (and can’t quite) straddle the wet, sticky and disgusting floor.

Do you really want your bottle top, let alone lips, once removed from this filth? Disgusting and dumb.

More contenders for dumbest inventions, all in the men’s category, include: unwieldy, pointy car keys; zippers on pants; and white underwear.

Newsy sidebar: World Champion pro surfer Mick Fanning, who has a financial interest in Reef Fanning Sandals, made news last month for punching a great white shark that attacked him during a competition in South Africa. He was unharmed.


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