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The Recycle Hear public-service campaign connects two inherently rewarding experiences: enjoying great music and protecting the environment. It’s a positive association and a natural fit — particularly in popular music venues, clubs, theaters, outdoor concerts and parties – where people consume lots of liquid refreshments from recyclable bottles and cans.

Why a campaign to promote recycling at music venues? There are two reasons: Recycling at large clubs, bars and restaurants historically has been less than satisfactory. Yet the huge volume of bottles and cans emptied at these locations make the potential benefits too great to ignore. Plus music venues just sounded like a good place to start.

It is a natural fit: Hear music, recycle here … Recycle Hear.

San Francisco — Today the City. Tomorrow the Planet.

The Recycle Hear campaign started in 2007 in San Francisco with the participation of the city’s largest, most popular music venues. The blue and green Recycle Hear collection bins placed within such historical venues as The Fillmore, The Warfield, Slims, Great American Music Hall, and the Bottom of the Hill Club, among others are recycling nearly 1 million bottles and cans a year. Read more about Recycle Hear – SF.

Los Angeles — More volume please!

Recycle Hear officially launches in Los Angeles in 2009. Many of the area’s most popular music venues are now encouraging patrons to deposit their bottles and cans in Recycle Hear collection bins. More than 1 millions containers are recycled each year. Read more about Recycle Hear LA.

It’s a team effort.

Of course it’s the participation of music venue operators and patrons that make the Recycle Hear campaign a success. The California Department of Conservation deserves recognition and thanks for sponsoring the program’s development and public outreach. Thanks, too, to the San Francisco and Los Angeles Conservation Corps for serving as the campaign’s nonprofit collection partner. Also, it is the dedicated staff of Greenbaum Public Relations who direct the campaign’s day-to-day activities.

For more information about Recycle Hear, including participating in a regional campaign or launching a new campaign in another city, contact