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Public Relations Counsel

Communication Blueprint ™

Research Analysis and Application

Media Relations

Commercial and Public Service Advertising

Multimedia Production

Writing and Editing

Photography and Photojournalism

Graphic Design

Digital Media Communication

With high regard for your intelligence and diligence in applying public relations strategies and tactics. ... You are a man of integrity and principles.

Edward L. Bernays, Author, Counselor and Professional Public Relations Pioneer (1986)

(Dr. Robert N. Butler) was so pleased with both of the projects we collaborated on and mentioned you on more than a few occasions as a vigorous and positive force in this field.

Everette Dennis, Executive Director, International Longevity Center (2010)

Individually and together, the many innovative multimedia campaigns, books, events, exhibitions and initiatives you have created have had a far-reaching success in influencing the attitudes and actions of important audiences.

Larry Minnix, President and CEO, LeadingAge (2011)

Your endeavors have provided thoughtful insight and knowledgeable direction in our shared efforts to increase awareness regarding public safety issues.

George Deukmejian, Governor, State of California (1986)

Disney Educational Productions has worked closely with Stuart Greenbaum and Greenbaum Public Relations for the past 10 years, most recently in the development of the educational video 'Recycle Rex.' Mr. Greenbaum’s creativity, ingenuity and professional counsel have been instrumental to the success of our environmental education projects.

Sallie Zemlin-Kisor, Vice President, Disney Educational Productions (1994)

I so appreciate you taking the time to chat – and I especially appreciate the long list of story ideas you’ve sent my way! I will count on us staying in touch.

Anita Creamer, Senior Writer, The Sacramento Bee (2012)

You’re in the 'Straightforward and Honest Public Relations' contact folder, which has just one name in it.

Matt Perry, Writer, California Health Report (2012)