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By May 15, 2018March 6th, 2021Random/Rants

A watched pot never boils, apparently. Who knows whether this predicament is the result of our impatience and premature retreat. Or, whether some supernatural, inhuman power to annoy assumes control.

On this we can agree. There appears to be a pattern, remarkably consistent, of universal annoyances to at least suggest something is jerking us around or perhaps trying to teach us a lesson.

Cases in point:

  • No sooner than you finally give up waiting for a UPS package delivery and get in your car and leave, your phone dings to alert you the shipment arrived.
  • You shift lines at the grocery store checkout or the bridge tollbooth and the new line immediately stalls — most often due to a stuck zipper on a coin purse.
  • You’re invited to contribute to a group purchase of lottery tickets — knowing full well if you don’t the group will likely win and if you do it most certainly will lose.
  • You emphatically press “Send” on an irate email response and then double-check to confirm you did not click “Reply All,” which you did.
  • The popular restaurant’s wait time in the seating queue takes twice as long as estimated, so you finally walk out in a huff, swearing never to return, only to hear your name called as you exit (ala “Seinfeld” episode and “Cartwright?!”).

Patience is a virtue. And think before you act is good advice. But, timing is everything.


  • ed Witts says:

    Don’t for get that blow out game that turns around after you leave.

  • Matt Perry says:

    From afar, in Mexico, I have a different take on all these experiences now. Instead of being annoyed at each of the situations, I hope I could instead practice gratitude that UPS exists and delivers me a wealth of goods to my front door… that the grocery store offers a cornucopia of foods from around the world… that I had disposable income to purchase a lottery ticket… that my internet connection was consistent… and that I could enjoy a night out eating elegant food at the latest popular restaurant.

    • Impressive and not surprising how travel provides perspective, and teaches you to let the bad times roll of your back. Encouraging, too, that you managed to ditch the “Wherever you go, there you are” cliche.

  • Gary Greenbaum says:

    Going to the 10 items or less line because you are in a hurry and seeing the person in front of you has over twenty items.

  • Lucy fisher says:

    A la Matt and gratitude:
    There’s the reminder of bigger fish to fry
    Watching the woman helping the man with his cane cross the busy street
    Doing good without recognition
    Trying to truly believe any of the above.

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