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Voters Agree, Davis Presumptively Smug

By August 26, 2016Make Believe News


DAVIS, CA – The small Northern California university town of Davis approved its new name, “Smug Valley,” announced today in a joint statement by city council members and representatives from Google Maps.

“Smug Valley better reflects the character of liberally minded, eco-friendly citizenry,” Mayor Joshua Miller-Milner said, adding exuberantly, “We are who we are … and proud to be, well, special.”

The local Measure S, which proposed the city charter’s so-called “natural evolution,” passed overwhelming by voters. Pro-change organizers — and political pundits across the nation who closely followed the precedent-setting campaign — attribute the victory to enthusiastic voter turnout efforts.

Armies of volunteers shared their opinions with mostly receptive patrons at the weekend Farmer’s Market, dozens of vegan restaurants and independent coffee shops, and Whole Foods. Still more supporters distributed flyers printed on recycled paper with soy-based ink to the city’s thousands of bicyclists and Prius and Subaru drivers. Analysts believe the tactics collectively touched every single resident in the city.

The “Smug” designation was officially heralded at a public gathering today by Mayor Miller-Milner who used his iPhone to search the location on Google Maps. The spokesperson for the search engine giant hailed the new moniker as “positively pretentious.”

(MBN author’s note: It is true that “Imitation is the sincerest of flattery.” Please check out my satirical inspirations, “The Onion” and “The Borowitz Report.”)



  • Gary says:

    I love it! I especially enjoyed the bicyclists, Prius, and Subaru owners.

  • Lisa Youngs says:

    I see WAY more Nissan Leafs than Prius (or is the plural Priae?) when I drive to work in Davis than any other car. And next time, please note all the dismissive behavior toward us “people of Faith.” We take it on the chin all day in Davis.
    Love your story!

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