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By March 24, 2015March 6th, 2021Random/Rants

In case you haven’t heard or noticed first-hand, gardeners no longer stand-down with their leaf-blowers when you drive or walk by? Somehow, simultaneously and unanimously urban gardeners determined to disregard this long-standing public courtesy.

Hey! C’mon, we live in a society here! Leaf-blowers are obnoxiously loud, eco-unfriendly tools to begin with. And now their handlers have upped the annoyance factor with the anti-social practice of blowing crap directly into cars and pedestrians as they strategically shift it from one gutter or yard across the street to another.

What’s next? Drivers considering stop signs as merely suggestions? Dog owners no longer picking up their mutts’ crap? E-mailers responding “Reply All” when clearly not everyone on the list cares that they can’t attend because they’ll be in Europe? Armageddon?

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