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By May 13, 2014Random/Rants

Bad behavior, when left unchecked, enables the perpetrators and annoys everyone else. In traffic, stores and restaurants, on TV and elevators, at ballgames and concerts. So what if, for everyone’s sake, we agree to make reasonable attempts to call-out offensive attitudes and actions. Maybe some constructive criticism will actually help rehabilitate social deviants, such as:

  1. Space invaders who are unaware of their own dimensions and the polite boundaries of others; and their counterparts who make the world aware of their ignorance by mugging to live TV cameras
  1. Deniers of simple physics – let us get off the elevator before you try to cram on
  1. Parents who overtly and inappropriately discipline their kids in public, expecting others around them to sympathize with their plight
  1. Narcissistic, egocentric and otherwise presumptuous folks who talk incessantly but say nothing
  1. Everyone who fails to understand, You are what you do, not what you say (with the exception of racists, You are what you do and say — not what you meant to say, once you’re caught on tape)

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