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By July 19, 2016Film & TV, Random/Rants

Filmmakers are incredibly creative, except for when it comes to bad remakes, lazy sequels and incredulous clichés. Regarding the latter, here are a dozen lame things we see way too often.

  1. A character enters or exits a house and doesn’t close the door.
  1. Two people makes plans to meet up later, but don’t agree on a time.
  1. A grownup bites into the middle of a sandwich.
  1. A fired employee leaves with one box of personal stuff, which always includes a stapler and one nearly dead plant.
  1. The grocery bag plopped on the counter includes a stalk of celery hanging over the top.
  1. A character who is younger than 80 uses a cellular flip phone.
  1. There’s always an open parking space in front of the building.
  1. Any fight scene when a character stays upright after taking more than one punch or bat to the head.
  1. A guy being chased – who is not Mo Farah — runs at full speed for miles through parks, across town.
  1. An undercover cop tails a bad guy through a city, making turn after turn, undetected. And stakes out a residence for hours from across the street, unnoticed.
  1. A hot young actor and a washed up veteran take roles in a new Woody Allen film for the prestige.
  1. James Franco


  • Gary Greenbaum says:

    Someone walking away from a scene that suddenly explodes, but they don’t even glance back.

  • Tracy Huddleson says:

    Great insights! Here’s another: Someone offers someone a drink in the middle of the day from an incredibly well-stocked formal bar in their office, and invariably the drink is a couple inches of warm scotch. No one has that bar, no one drinks that drink, especially during the day, especially if you are under 75, unless you are an actor on the set of Mad Men.

  • How about taking a bottle of beer and never taking a sip…kind of like the whiskey in the office, but who would not take a sip of a beer when they are sitting out on a dock by the bay?

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