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By July 26, 2016Culture, Longevity

Have fun, if The Ackerly, an older adult community opening this summer in Portland, Oregon, lives up to its promotional message.

“Suddenly, it dawned on Joe that retirement is totally awesome.” says the ad in Portland Monthly. Above the caption is a photo of “Joe” with a wide grin. “Come see what we mean,” the ad’s copy goes on to invite readers.

Good call that there’s no reference to “seniors,” since that label nowadays tends to conjure images of old and frail. The photo, use of the word “retirement” and the description of services (Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care) leaves no doubt for its target audience.

The eye-catching design complements the new venture’s brand statement, “It’s More Than Retirement. It’s Five-Star Fun.” I suspect The Ackerly will do very well. Who wouldn’t want to live in Portland, even if it’s in a leisure care community?

The one criticism – less relevant to today’s prospective residents – is use of the word “retirement.” In the near future, the passive concept will not resonate so well with Boomers, the next generation of possible clients. (That’s the approximately 72 million people over 65 by 2030.) “Repurposement” is the new retirement for the engaging, entrepreneurial, encore lifestyles of this generation.

There are words and themes lines more likely to appeal to this next “younger,” me generation. For starters, marketers should universally replace “aging” with “longevity” – the more enlightened description for growing older.

Positive, active terms that differentiate between other communities as well as private residential living should be the priority. A spitball session with several advertising creatives proposed these theme lines to promote older adult communities in the future:

  • Come to Life
  • Declare Your Independence
  • Discover Real Community Living
  • Experience With Benefits
  • Find Your Better
  • Get the Best of Time
  • It’s time. “Tomorrow” is Today.
  • This Day Forward
  • It Gets Better With Age
  • Life in the Right Lane
  • Come of Age, Together
  • Enjoy More Time & Enjoy Time More

Advantage Portland! You already have Washington Park, nearby Multnomah Falls, Powell’s Books and soon The Ackerly.


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