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Humility Blasts Off

By July 27, 2021August 2nd, 2021Culture, Make Believe News, Philosophy, Space


SACRAMENTO, CA, USA — Public interest in farthest outer space is growing exponentially across the globe. The astounding 98 percent increase is being attributed to the billions and billions of individuals who have read the new bestselling novella Humble Sky.

The annual international Social Values Survey ranked space exploration as the top consideration for the first time in its history, offsetting the economy, environment and other perennial survey leaders. “Humility is all the rage, a genuine phenomenon,” the research team declared with uncharacteristic exuberance. “It is as though cosmic discovery pervaded humankind’s collective unconscious.”

Curiosity about the greatest of all mysteries has captured the imagination of all those who have deigned to look skyward and give the “infinite” universe a second thought. Most of these seekers, as they are referred to by researchers, credited reading Humble Sky as the launchpad for their newfound sense of wonder and inquisitiveness.

The fictional story authored by Stuart Greenbaum, a veteran public relations counselor from Sacramento, California, shares the quest of an aging genius living with dementia and a young boy living in the Bronx who are determined to discover just how far space really goes. The allegorical tale shows how the uninhibited mind can rocket us to distant places beyond even our imagination.

Greenbaum did temper the surge in universal humbleness by reminding us of Copernicus’s timely cosmic wrinkle. “Though our viewpoint of the cosmos comes from here on Earth, we are not the center of the universe. Our planet may very well be floating about like a balloon in some obscure celestial corner. That perspective should be humbling as well.”

Meanwhile, a group of ultra-conservative politicians, media outlets, evangelical leaders and [ironically] self-proclaimed authorities on humility led by conspiracy theorist Tucker Carlson, tweeted a denunciation of the survey’s findings calling them “fake and unpatriotic.” A groundswell of responses from sentient human beings rightfully dismissed the anti-space critics as “clueless flat-Earthers.”

“How can you not be humbled by the incomprehensibility of something so big and obvious?” one Values Survey respondent exclaimed — an attitude the survey team noted reflects a consensus of the newly humbled.

For humble curiosity seekers who have not yet read Humble Sky, the illuminating and attractive volume is readily available for just $10 at

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