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By April 15, 2014Humility, Random/Rants

It’s no secret that effective workplaces produce quality services and products and satisfaction, while bad ones produce waste and frustration. To help make your workplace a work in progress, here are 15 observation-based tips.

  1. Work with the clock. The goal is not to get to the end of the workday. It is to accomplish something before that time comes.
  2. Lead by example or inspiration. Leave intimidation to playground bullies and other contemptibles.
  3. Respond to all legit emails with at minimum Got it or Thanks. This simple courtesy buys you time and gratitude.
  4. Do not allow collaboration to become an excuse for no one assuming responsibility or being held accountable.
  5. Groupthink isn’t always best. Creativity by committee makes as much sense as team chess.
  6. Never confuse the most vocal person in a meeting as the majority.
  7. Sycophants stunt progress — and are liars or imbeciles or both.
  8. Remember, no one is indispensible. Things will carry on without you, maybe differently and not as well, but they will continue.
  9. No matter what a departing employee says about being available to help with the transition, don’t count on it. This happening is about as likely as exes remaining good friends.
  10. Retain a private consultant to solve HR problems? Why not also get a cow to breastfeed your baby?
  11. You flesh out a good idea. And flush a crappy one.
  12. You are what you do, not what you say.
  13. If you don’t care, don’t say so.
  14. Stay curious. What you don’t know is far more interesting.
  15. And finally, and most importantly, never confuse humility for lack of confidence, or conceit for performance.

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