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By February 9, 2015March 6th, 2021Culture, Longevity, Music

Annie Lennox, 60, magically rocked the house at the Grammys with her rendition of “I Put a Spell on You.” Hopefully it proved to more than a few viewers and audience members that talent and longevity rule over large egos and even larger butts.

Singer-songwriter Lennox, a superstar in her own right, took the opportunity to channel the belief that a performer’s commitment to a song’s message is more important than the messengers’ appearance or celebrity status. While the spectacles of Madonna, Kanye and Beyonce may have moved the audience physically, Lennox transported them to an emotional state.

Lennox observed in a pre-show interview that the entertainment industry consists of the creative side and the business side (like the Grammy spectacle) and that she is more comfortable with the former. Very deliberately, she seized the moment last night to remind everyone that one side does not survive without the other.


  • Lisa Youngs says:

    Glad you posted this tribute to a supreme talent, Stuart! I saw Annie Lennox live with Sting years ago at the Shoreline. Went to see Sting and was TRANSFIXED by her rendition of “Cold.” She silenced the crowd – it was so moving. It quickly became a favorite song for me. She is a timeless talent. No need to pander to any particular style – she’s got game.

  • Gary says:

    Very impressive!

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