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By February 2, 2015Humility, Longevity

There will come a time when you think to yourself: This may be the last coat I ever buy. And it is not because you’re retiring to Florida. It’s because you realize you are getting old. Old enough, in fact, that even an inexpensive coat could very likely outlive you.

This is not meant to be depressing so much as sentimental and perhaps melancholy. I like coats. I probably have at least a dozen. There are a couple favorites I wear in regular rotation. Some of the others, though, only escape their coat hanger once a year or so. So at some point in the future, I will no doubt have to recognize that a year could mean a lifetime, literally.

By comparison, last home — that’s an easy one to accept. Last car is sort of a relief. But then you get into momentous things like last time seeing a good friend, last trip abroad, last time voting in a presidential election, last time hearing the new music of a favorite artist, last time attending a ballgame and smelling freshly cut grass. Last time chewing bubblegum …

When does it end? Oh yeah, last breath. Yipes, it’s getting chilly in here. Think I’ll put on my new coat.


  • Tracy Huddleson says:

    What a beautiful blog entry — I’ll add the categories of last full moon. Last wedding anniversary. Last dog.

    But leave it to you to cleave the sentimentality with a dose of “Fat Guy in a Little Coat.” One of my favorite comedy moments!

    OK – last time watching “Tommy Boy.” Now THAT’S sad!

    • stuart says:

      Aha, it’s maybe saddest of all to think about the last time you laugh at something (which in SNL’s case was probably a skit with Chris Farley).

  • Gary says:

    This hit me when I was offered a 30 year or a lifetime warranty on my new roof. Hell, 30 years is more then a lifetime for me.

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