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By March 21, 2014March 6th, 2021Philosophy, Space, Uncategorized

Do you ever look up and give a second thought to the question, “How far does outer space go?”

Does “infinite, ever-expanding,” the accepted in-a-nutshell theoretical explanation, make sense? If so, you are among the elite few who genuinely understand or at least pretend to understand the logic behind this answer.

Or, like most people, does this explanation conveniently pacify your curiosity. In fairness, such incomprehensible thought can be quite exhausting.

Let’s be real about the answer to how far outer space goes: We don’t have a clue. At this time in human evolution, the brain simply does not yet have mental capacity to figure this mockery from above.

It is completely acceptable to look skyward and acknowledge that what we see (or don’t) is at once the ultimate and most obvious mystery.

The fact is, farthest outer space is humankind’s universal reality check. It is the Great Beyond Comprehension. The magnificence should inspire curiosity, evoke imagination … and obligate humility among us all. Until we do everything humanly possible to improve these qualities within ourselves, we can’t begin to wrap our minds around an answer.

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