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By August 6, 2019Longevity

Give credit to the writer of The New York Times article (7-10-19) about the affordable housing rent crisis for older Californians for concluding with the following quote from one 65-year-old resident:

“That 10 percent cap doesn’t help most low-income people, but it helps the younger families and young professionals,” she said recently. “We’re getting Californians used to the idea that something has to be done.” — Elsa Stevens, 65

The story’s most important takeaway is we need to find solutions, now. But just as significant, Stevens and NYT writer Jill Cowan address the message to a broader audience — saying to younger people this is a multi-generational problem and we need to support one another. Affordable housing, along with healthcare, poverty and homelessness, and food insecurity, are ageless concerns affecting all of us, not just them.

This is a fundamental public-relations approach: Make causes relevant to the broadest audience possible to build the broadest support possible.

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