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By June 15, 2021Culture, Longevity, Space

Independent validation: The use of impartial authorities and sources to confirm the value of something. This approach intends to positively influence support for an action or item by presenting credible, unbiased testimony, explained public relations mastermind Edward L. Bernays.

So, in the tradition of professional public relations, it is a privilege for me [Stuart Greenbaum] to share validation from the following renowned authorities for my new book Humble Sky.

  • “The characters are beautifully rendered, and the story unfolds with great wit and pathos.”
    Carla Gardini, Executive Producer of “The Hundred-Foot Journey” and numerous other films and TV shows with “coming of age” themes
  • “Thanks for Humble Sky. I enjoyed reading it. Decades ago I collected data testing whether senility (as it was then called) was a mindful response to an overly routinized environment and thus biologically advantageous even though socially maladaptive. I found that those who were labeled “senile” live 6-10 years longer than those without the label. I’m attempting to replicate it now. … Henry would have known that. Stay well/safe. Mindfully yours, Ellen Langer
    Ellen Langer, Professor of Psychology at Harvard University, referred to as the “Mother of Mindfulness,” author of more than a dozen books including Mindfulness and Counterclockwise: Mindful Health and the Power of Possibility
  • “This is a wonderfully thought-provoking, sobering tale that offers plenty of space for interpretation. I was engrossed with every shift of focus and subplot — from authentic to surreal.”
    James M. Berklan, Executive Editor of McKnight’s Long-term Care News, a leading national source of information on healthy aging
  • “Humble Sky is head spinning … so much creative information. You are an artist, a painter with words; and make the reader both imagine and see what you are describing. And well done, too, helping us better understand whatever it may be that goes on inside the mind of a person with dementia. A great work of art.”
    Joaquin Anguera, Ph.D., retired Professor of Gerontology at San Diego State University, appointee to the California Commission on Aging, and past Coordinator of San Diego’s annual Coming of Age Film Festival
  • “Such an engaging story. I had a thousand tasks to complete but had to keep reading. I savored every page, from the beginning to the end. The suspense! Loved it, truly.”
    Juli Thompson, Teacher, Folsom, CA


Humble Sky is the story of an ingenious old man living with dementia and a curious young boy living in the Bronx who together discover just how far outer space really goes. Along the way, the story covers a lot of ground, existential and experiential: the ages of the uninhibited mind; the power of curiosity and imagination; the opportunities and challenges of longevity; and above all the incomprehensibility of farthest outer space. And, for better or worse, this involved journey happens in just 72 pages.

Curious? Humble Sky is available for $10 at

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