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By February 23, 2016Culture, Philosophy

There are two fundamental values by which ALL humans should live and be judged.

#1: The Golden Rule to live by: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

By this rule, criminals, scammers, cheaters, liars, line and lane cutters, bullies – be damned.

#2: A reality check by which to judge character and commitment: “You are what you do, not what you say.”

By this check or judgment, filibusterers, pontificators, publicists, bloviators, windbags, blowhards, blatherers, yammerers, gossipers and all the others who talk before they think, talk without saying anything, and flat-out never listen — be damned.

Imagine, for example, living in a real Utopia whereby:

  • Politicians would actually represent the public interest.
  • Fortunetellers and psychics would have deadlines and guaranteed refunds.
  • Law enforcers would be like Mayberry’s Sheriff Taylor.
  • Educators and nurses would not need unions.
  • Preachers would teach and follow the Commandments.
  • Physicians would care for the living and the dying.
  • The legal system would truly become the justice system.
  • Professional athletes and entertainers would be grateful and good role models.
  • Motivational speakers and investment gurus would cease to exist.

Another benefit of this Utopia, “ism” would only accompany positive conduct, conditions and qualities – like patriotism and heroism. And racism, sexism, ageism and terrorism — be damned.

What a wonderful world it would be?


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