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By November 24, 2020Culture, Random/Rants

The past four years have taught us so much. That language matters. That words matter. That context matters. And most of all, that listening and learning matters. Here is an alphabetical mnemonic cheat sheet.

Alternative facts. Kellyanne Conway tried to convince us of Trump’s unreal relationship with facts, truth, science, laws, morality.

Buffoon. Funniest of the innumerable descriptors. (Biden famously called Trump a clown, also correct.)

Collusion. The depth of Trump’s collusion will consume the courts and historians for many years.

Deplorables. Perhaps indiscreet, but Clinton did accurately label Trump cult followers.

Emoluments. The billionaire Trump has spent the past four years as a swampy profiteer-in-chief.

Fealty. Giuliani, Barr, Pompeo, Navarro, McConnell, among other bootlickers swore loyalty to the devil.

Grift. Charlatan Trump’s latest scam is raising money for his criminal defense fund. Let that sink in.

Hypocrisy. Made irrelevant by Trump’s immoral, unethical behavior.

Impeachment. Among the countless permanent stains on the Trump presidency.

Jared. Everyone, including Subway’s Jared, are embarrassed to share Kushner’s name.

Kompromat. The only possible excuse: Putin holds compromising material over Trump.

Litigious. Lawsuit happy Trump showcased why the judiciary needs to be reformed.

Mendacity. As in the deceit, dishonesty, deception propagated by Trump and his GOP acolytes.

Nepotism. Trump family idiocy and toxicity makes “Arrested Development” look like a drama.

Oligarchs. As in Russia, wealthy, greedy, powerful figures majorly influence U.S. politics.

Pathological liar. Trump’s pants are perpetually on fire.

QAnon. The FBI warns these Trump-supporting conspiracy nuts pose a domestic terror threat.

Remdesivir. Along with hydroxychloroquine and injecting bleach, Trump touts as “cures” for Covid-19.

Sycophants. See also minions, flatterers, toadies, brownnosers, MAGA hat wearers, republicans.

Treasonous. Trump has sold out the U.S. to ingratiate himself with Russians, Saudis, North Koreans …

Unhinged. Invoking the 25th Amendment may yet save us from Trump’s deranged, dangerous actions.

Verbosity. “Will you shut up, man,” an exasperated Biden told Trump, on behalf of the world.

White. By weaponizing Black Lives Matter, Trump has emboldened white supremacists.

Xenophobia. Nationalism, racism, chauvinism and all the “othering” isms Trump embraces.

You. Trump’s narcissism and astonishing lack of empathy make this second-person pronoun irrelevant.

FugaZi. An alphabetical cheat, but a slangy, edgy synonym for fake.


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  • Janr says:

    Brilliant, Stuart!

    One word you might want to include, is


    Noun: attractive articles of little value
    Adjective: Showy, but worthless
    Gaudy, vulgar, tasteless, worthless,
    and valueless


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