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By December 27, 2016Culture, Random/Rants

Every new year we make resolutions; and have a chance to make things right. So for this upcoming year let’s all agree to save valuable time by saying “twenty-seventeen.” Instead of the cumbersome “two-thousand-seventeen,” that is.

If the simplicity and succinctness of this annual statement isn’t enough to get you on board, consider the significant moments you will earn by using the shorter version.

Scientific calculation: It takes one second less to say “twenty-seventeen” instead of “two-thousand seventeen.” If you conservatively estimate stating the year – as “20-17” — three times a day throughout the year, which totals 1,095 times and as many seconds, you’ll save a whopping 18-1/4 minutes by the end of the year.

Now, think of all the special things you could do with that extra 18-1/4 minutes. You could, for instance, relax and listen to half an album; find that thing you keep meaning to look for; wait on hold with customer service; or do a yoga pose while reciting the blissful mantra “20-17” over and over. The point is, however you choose to spend this extra time, it’s worth it to know you’re participating in a historic, precedent-setting resolution.

Check out last year’s Humble Sky post – MAKE THIS NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION HISTORIC — for more compelling reasoning behind this annual resolution.

Thanks and Happy Twenty-seventeen!



  • Gary Greenbaum says:

    Thanks. That always bothers me.

    • certainly says:

      me too. I think saying “twenty thousand” is ridiculous and makes one sound like a hack. It would be like saying “nineteen hundred and seventy seven” for 1977 for example!

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