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By December 31, 2019Culture, Random/Rants

Lame that it’s going to take our familiarity with the “20/20” vision rating system to finally be comfortable with calling the new year, 2020, rightfully “twenty-twenty.”

Since the turn of the millennia, we’ve been mired in the annual awkwardness of referring to years as “two-thousand, two-thousand-one, up through and including two-thousand-nineteen. Only a handful of visionaries recognized what was coming just around the corner; and instead adopted the crisper, more efficient term — “twenty-nineteen.”

The eyes have it, that is to say “twenty-twenty” wins this year — for the next 366 days. (Yes, 2020 is a leap year.) After that, we’ll undoubtedly welcome “twenty-twenty-one” and so on.

On a related note, there’s this other nonsense (read this recent NYT article) about when to ring in the new decade: January 1, 2020 or January 1, 2021? Let’s all agree to go with the former, more logical choice (i.e. 2020 through 2029 is the “twenties” decade, which is followed by the “thirties” decade). Plus, why postpone for a whole year what can be celebrated next week.


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