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If Humble Sky has one underlying point of view, it is “Don’t suffer fools.” In my defense, which some might find offensive, my objective is to call out people when they do or say wrong things — in my humble opinion, that is. Why, because I for one don’t want to passively enable bad behavior by either ignoring or dismissing it.

This stand is my socially conscious contribution. “You’re welcome,” to those whose lives I influenced for the better.

To you fools who continuously attempt to exploit all the good people who are too polite to call you out on your inconsideration, you’re on notice:

  1. Stop talking in the movie theater.
  2. Don’t litter. (What are you, two?)
  3. Don’t make fun of bilingual people for their less-than-perfect English.
  4. Learn basic grammar — you’re welcome, it’s my pleasure.
  5. Don’t share your phone conversation with the entire restaurant.
  6. Don’t blather; and don’t interrupt or talk over people.
  7. Don’t race down the merge lane to cut in front of traffic.
  8. And use your damn turn indicator.
  9. Stop! Signs and lights are not suggestions.
  10. Bicyclists: Pretend you’re a car or a pedestrian, not both.
  11. Cashier: Don’t ask if I found everything okay and then smile when I say, “No, you were out of…”
  12. When you take the last donut, throw away the box.
  13. Donald Trump: Don’t brag how intelligent and humble you are. It proves you are neither.

Be a champion for equal rights, time and space. Or, remain a bystander; misery loves company.

Or … better, still, you can travel, visit a third-world country to put in perspective just how privileged you are or be a selfish jerk or a constant complainer.



  • Steven Castle says:

    How did you come up with 13? What didn’t make the list and why were others chosen? Oh, and thank goodness you have to turn your phones to airplane mode once the doors are shut! Imagine the alternative….

    • Ha, thirteen was an arbitrary number. No doubt it could be expanded, daily. But, unless readers agree with the premise of this essay, piling it on just comes across as curmudgeonly and excessively negative.

  • Gary says:

    7.Don’t race down the merge lane to cut in front of traffic. This is the one that bothers me the most. Thanks for the list of good reminders.

  • Tracy Huddleson says:

    These are great! I would add “Don’t perform your personal bookkeeping in your checkbook after your purchase is completed, when people are waiting behind you.” That makes my head explode. Also “The way you treat service workers says everything about your character. Don’t be a jerk.”

    • Thanks Tracy! Both of your additions are excellent. Treating service workers with respect is worthy of its own essay. A corollary to this is to appreciate all workers who take pride in their work, regardless of others’ perception of the lack of importance of the job.

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