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By April 10, 2018Culture, Random/Rants

Is there a line in the sand that if crossed even Donald Trump’s most loyal followers will abandon him?

This is a not a rhetorical or sarcastic question, but rather a sociological curiosity that comes to mind intuitively as a result of directing public relations campaigns for four decades. In each case the goal being to influence the attitudes and actions of targeted audiences to modify or strengthen support for an individual, institution or initiative.

The same goes for political campaigns. To make to a solid case for support, let alone changing allegiance, it is vital to understand why the opposition believe and do things.

Yet, despite the myriad anti-Trump forces, there is a dearth of stratagem on deprogramming or reverse engineering the minds of the president’s cultishly faithful following. Still, everyone has a tap-out or breaking point.

So, as a public service, dedicated to all dreamers and wishful thinkers, I offer for consideration this top 10 (wish) list of hypothetical red-line offenses.

  1. Multiple Trump mistresses produce bullet-proof evidence the he paid for them to have abortions.
  1. Fox News hosts Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson and/or Rush Limbaugh denounce Trump for liberal views.
  1. Trump overheard calling climate change a real problem … for the next president to have to deal with.
  1. Trump caves to overwhelming public opinion and youth movement to endorse stricter gun laws.
  1. Late-night talk show hosts unite to direct relentless “The Emperor Has No Clothes” campaign to call out and humiliate Trump and his followers on a nightly basis.
  1. Melania leaves Trump and disregards NDA to expose detailed accounts of his disgusting peccadillos and abuses.
  1. Trump throws son-in-law Jared Kushner under the bus in an interview with special counsel Mueller. Ivanka Trump goes on a revenge media tour to defend her husband.
  1. Mueller investigation produces indisputable evidence that Trump colluded with and is being blackmailed by Putin.
  1. Trump’s private physician reveals the president suffers from Dunning-Kruger effect, a dangerous psychiatric syndrome whereby an individual possesses both unwavering overconfidence and a complete lack of self-awareness of one’s own ignorance and “bullshit.”
  1. There must be a better choice, a more popular celebrity leader, such as The Rock, Roseanne Barr, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. or Daenerys Targaryen.

Or, probably the more likely scenario, Trump finally realizes he can chase more money, fame and women in the private sector, without being constrained by laws, votes and “fake news.”


  • Gary says:

    I love it.

  • Ed says:

    What I hear is they really don’t care about all this stuff, he is a great business man and that is good for our country. But he isn’t.
    Pretty sure we don’t want to be bringing any facts into this.

  • Matt Perry says:

    When does someone leave a cult? When they realize they’ve been brainwashed. It would take a lot. If you switch between CNN and Fox the differences are telling. CNN talks about personal issues and character and stuff the Rust Belt cared about 50 years ago but cares about no more since they don’t have jobs. All they care about is financial security… and until it’s finally proven that he’s been lying about his business acumen they will stand by him to the end. Which could, of course, be World War III.

    • Solid point. I should have included the facts about Trump’s personal wealth — $3.1 billion, which is $400 million less than last year, according to Forbes, and less than a third of what he had claimed. He is defrauding his loyalists, just as he did the victim of his multiple bankruptcies.

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